I am making a bust/head with paper mache and I don’t wanna create it with balloon.

Can I create a ball of newspapers to sculpt the head?


Yes you can make a base from scrunched newspaper (perhaps held in shape with a few wraps of masking tape, etc), and in fact that’s a common way to make a base for papier mache items. Check out Dan Reeder’s pages showing that, and other info below in various ways to do papier mache:
…darn, his videos never seem to work for me… but I just waited awhile and then started the 4TH VIDEO (the important part starts around 2:00);
http://www.gourmetpapermache.com/Video_Page.html (slower how-to’s)
…the next one (5TH VIDEO) on that page is probably relevant for you too

I’ll find some others:



maybe here too?
… http://www.papermacheblog.com
… http://www.gourmetpapermache.com

And there’s more info an pics re various ways to do papier mache, tips, etc, in my answers here:




If you should *need* or just want your head to be hollow though, you’d want to make it over a balloon or other object that can be removed, or make it as two parts (perhaps over the backs of two bowls) then dry each and join them together into a sphere/head. Or you could cover the wadded paper with plastic wrap, etc, and have a way to remove it after the papier mache dries.